PFLOTRAN Short Course 2017-03-08

PFLOTRAN Short Course

When: September 6-8, 2017 (preceding MIGRATION 2017)

Where: Barcelona, Spain


PFLOTRAN is an open source, petascale reactive multiphase flow and transport code founded upon the parallel PETSc framework and designed to run on computers ranging from laptops to supercomputers.  PFLOTRAN is being employed by users from around the world to simulate problems of varying complexity, from simple 1D transport to large 3D multiphase flow and biogeochemical reaction in heterogeneous porous media. This three-day short course provides an introduction to PFLOTRAN during the first two days with the third day reserved for advanced topics and user-defined problems.

Topics during the first two days will include:

  • Introduction to process models and governing equations
  • Code compilation and installation
  • Input deck design and layout
  • Execution and visualization of tutorial problems

Advanced topics for the third day can include:

  • Process models supporting radioactive waste management
  • Setup of input decks for attendee-defined problems
  • Complex input decks (e.g. Python scripting, mapping datasets, etc.)
  • How to contribute capability to the PFLOTRAN project


Schedule (it must be taken as a flexible schedule, that will be adapted to the needs and interests of the attendees)

Wednesday (September 6th)

9:00-13:00 Morning Session


  • Transfer of Virtual Box to ALL machines
  • Unzipping the Virtual Box file on ALL machines
  • Installing the Virtual Box software on ALL machines

Presentation (Intro/Overview) with questions

11:00 – 11:30 Break

Demo: 1D Variably Saturated Flow

Discussion of boundary conditions, etc.


13:00-14:30 Lunch


14:30-17:30 Afternoon Session

Demo: 1D Calcite - Glenn

Paraview (opening files, basic plotting) - Emily

Presentations (support infrastructure, testing)

Demo: Copper Leaching - Glenn

Open Discussion


Thursday (September 7th)

9:00-13:00 Morning Session

QA test presentation and “show and tell”

Demo: Regional Doublet (incl. SOURCE_SINK, OUTPUT block)

Paraview (more advanced 3D capability)

11:00 – 11:30 Break

Demo: Error messaging (including practice)

Presentation (Process Model Coupling) + Salinity


13:00-14:30 Lunch


14:30-17:00 Afternoon Session

Open source development presentation

Presentation on advanced initial and boundary conditions

Presentation on Using a Gridded Dataset for a BC

Presentation: Multiphase flow equations

Demo: Multiphase flow gas injection

Demo: Multiphase repository resaturation


Friday (September 8th)


9:00-13:30 Morning Session

GDSA example problem - 2D

iGP – Pre and post processor for PFLOTRAN

11:00 – 11:30 Break

Intro to Challenge Problem

Challenge Problem!

Working individually or in small groups on the problem

Wrap up and problem solution presentation

Questions? Additional information available at



The workshop will be held in the Diagonal-Besòs Campus.

Please, go to Building A (main building), and ask for “Sala Polivalente” (name of the room).


Laptop and OS

PFLOTRAN will be run on a Linux Ubuntu virtual machine that can be installed on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).



Early registration: until June 15th, 100

Early registration for students: until June 15th, 60

Registration: €150 (available from June 16th)

For bank transfer payments, please, contact

Hosted By:

Sandia National LaboratoriesAmphos 21 Consulting S.L.

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