iCP v1.3.1 is released 2017-02-28

iCP v1.3.1 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of iCP version 1.3.1. You can request a license filling the registration form.

This release is fully compatible with Comsol versions from 4.4 to 5.2. We have improved the usability of iCP with a new User Interface and the use of computational resources has been optimized.More details about the changes in this version can be found in the changelog section below.

iCP has a new setup that handles different Comsol versions and the license file:

iCP now has the ability to launch an instance of Comsol server automatically. Just open iCP, load the JSON file and run:


iCP 1.3.1

- [FIX] The checkpoint file stores the whole solution in order to keep the
results file in an accumulative way. This fixes several inconsistent results
when the program restarts from a checkpoint.
- [FIX] All needed files to run iCP such as iPhreeqc libs, config files,
etc. are now stored in the user's directory under
.iCP/v[iCP_VERSION]/[GUID_number] folder. This fixes some lack of permissions
related issues.
- [FIX] Fix memory and heap space errors in a large problems by running
Comsol server with a customized comsol.ini file.
- [ENHANCEMENT] iCP now runs in one main window that includes the selected
input JSON and the output log.
- [ENHANCEMENT] Added iCP quick launching, allows to run a problem just
dragging and dropping a JSON file in iCP executables.
- [ENHANCEMENT] Replaced batch files for iCP.exe and iCP_console.exe to run
the program with or without GUI.
- [ENHANCEMENT] Added iCP.l4j.ini and iCP_console.l4j.ini in
iCP_INSTALLATION_PATH to allow tunning the Java VM of iCP.
- [ENHANCEMENT] iCP can run in debug mode if it's launched with -debug flag.
It will produce a verbose output and log files.
- [ENHANCEMENT] Comsol server is launched automatically before running the
problem according to the comsolRT.comsolServer.portNumber in the JSON file.
- [ENHANCEMENT] If iCP.runner.restart.isActive==true and there is no
checkpoint, iCP will run from the beginning instead of returning an error
- [ENHANCEMENT/FIX] Iphreeqc libs embeded in iCP has been upgraded to latest
version 3.3.10. Find features and bugs fiexed at
- [ENHANCEMENT] iCP will generate Iphreeqc libs on demand depending on the
value of numberOfAvailableLibraries in the JSON file.
- [ENHANCEMENT] The library of examples has been cleaned and is compatible
with Comsol versions 4.4 to 5.2.
- [ENHANCEMENT] New adapted User's guide.
- [ENHANCEMENT] Depending on the value of
iCP will:
- Case X < numberOfThreads: generate the same amount of threads to keep
the program running. The user will receive a warning to set the value
- [FEATURE] Depending on the value of
phreeqcRocks.studyList.firstStudy.parallelizationManager.numberOfThreads iCP
Case -1: use all threads but one. If the PC has 8 threads, iCP will run
with 7.
Case 0: optimize the number of threads. iCP will run with 5/8ths of the
available threads.
Case X > threadNumber: use the threadNumber (virtual machine threads) to
- [FEATURE] A new iCP.cfg config file has been added, which stores the Comsol
installation path and a GUID that identifies the installation instance. It is
generated and self-configured during the installation. iCP will run the Comsol
Server using this path.
- [FEATURE] A new comsol.ini file has been added. This file is a modified copy
of the comsolmphserver.ini in the Comsol installation path. iCP generates this
file the first time iCP is run and afterwards it is used for each simulation.
It modifies the Java configuration options of Comsol to prevent Comsol from
crashing during large simulations. It also improves the performance of Comsol
Server. The Java options of Comsol are set according to:
www.comsol.com/support/knowledgebase/830/ and
- [FEATURE] iCP is now compiled with Java 8, therefore Java 8 is required.
- [FEATURE] iCP stores the date of creation in log and error files to allow a
better identification.
- [FEATURE] iCP predicts the estimated ending time form the average timestep
time and the timesteps pending to calculate.
- [FEATURE] Generate login.properties file in Comsol path if the file not
exists. This avoid to login into Comsol server the first time you are trying
to connect. User and password used: "comsol".
- [FEATURE] Check if iCP_Module.jar exists before run Comsol Server, if not,
move the local copy to the appropriate folder in users .comsol folders.

We hope you will enjoy the new iCP interface in your multiphysics simulations!


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