iCP v1.3 is released 2016-05-04

We are very pleased to announce the release of iCP version 1.3. You can request for a copy filling the registration form.

In this release bugs associated with RESTART capability has been fixed. Using RESTART option users are allowed to impose step-wise transient boundary conditions where the chemical composition of boundary or initial water varies with time. The other advantage of RESTART capability is its application in large-scale simulations where intermediate phreeqc and comsol files can be created.

This allows the user to start the simulation from any step previously recorded as checkPoint.  

The new installation package is fully compatible with the new version of Comsol 5.2 and includes updated manual.

In iCP 1.3 it is recommended to install the new Java SE Runtime Environnent 8.

  • iCP_1.3
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