About the number of Phreeqc libraries

7 years 2 months ago #40 by Jorge.Molinero
Section 8.4 of iCP User's Guide contains details about the PhreeqcRocks branch of the JSON file.

Among the features of this branch is:

numberOfAvailableLibraries, which is defined as "Number of IphreeqcLib instances. The sliced domains will be solved over different Iphreeqc Libraries. Adding large number of Libraries will provide less bottlenecks but increase the memory usage. Recommended is at least half of the total sliced domains (see numberOfSlides field)"

The current version of iCP allows to define a maximum of 25 libraries. This is because it is designed to be used in machines having up to 8 cores. In this case: 8 core --> 8*2=16 threats --> 16*3 = 48 slides --> 48/2 = 24 libraries required.

In summary, as a rule of thumb you must prescribe a number of libraries = number of core * 3

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