Example 2 variation: boundaryWater composition not imported to COMSOL?

1 year 3 months ago #339 by AhmedHussain
Dear Emilie,

If I run the simulation with water undersaturated with Celestite, the COMSOL results show that the Sr concentration changes over time. However, the Sr concentration under 'Molal Solute Transport' is equal to the value given in PHREEQC, so that is OK. But, running the simulation only in PHREEQC shows that no reactions occur, as expected, and thus the concentration should not change. Please see attached my PHREEQC files for water undersaturated with Celestite.

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If PHREEQC shows that no reactions should occur, and the input from PHREEQC into COMSOL seems to be correct, could it be that I did something wrong in COMSOL?

Thank you for your help.


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