iCP v1.5.0 is released

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iCP v1.5.0 is released was created by iMaGe
We are pleased to announce the release of iCP 1.5.0!

This release is compatible with Comsol versions 5.2, 5.2a and 5.3, and includes the following improvements and added features:
• Solute transport can now be solved in Comsol Multiphysics with the "Transport of Diluted Species in Porous Media” physics. Previous versions of iCP only supported the "Molal Solute Transport” physics.
• iCP 1.5.0 can simulate reactive transport models that include fracture flow. Three benchmarks have been added to the example library to demonstrate the use of this feature.
• General performance has been improved, especially for simulations including a large amount of time steps.
• “Save Checkpoint” and “Pause/Play” buttons have been added to the graphical user interface:

You can download iCP 1.5.0 and request an iCP license (if you don’t have one) filling in the registration form . More information about the release and installation instructions can be found in the User’s Guide . If you have any questions or comments, our team will be happy to answer them in this forum.

We hope you will enjoy the new iCP interface in your multiphysics simulations!

iMaGe Modelling team.

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