6th iCP Workshop | 21-22nd February 2017, Utrecht, the Netherlands

6th iCP Course Utrecth, Netherlands

The 6th iCP course consisted on a two-day workshop at the Earth Sciences Department of Utrecht University. The workshop was organized by Dr. Mariëtte Wolthers of the geochemistry department and the participants of the course were Dr. Amir Raoof and PhD candidates Priyanka Agrawal and Janou Koskamp. The workshop consisted on getting a better knowledge of iCP on the one hand, and on the other hand implementing specific problems of interest of the participants.


About the Guest Author

Emilie Coene

Emilie Coene

Emilie Coene is a consultant and iCP developer at Amphos 21 with a Chemical Engineering degree and a Master in Modelling for Science and Engineering. She is an expert in numerical model development and application. As a consultant at Amphos 21, she has been involved in several projects related with nuclear waste management that involved reactive transport and multiphase-flow models.


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