3rd iCP Workshop | 10th February 2015, Houston

3rd iCP Workshop | 10th February 2015, Houston

Amphos 21 and COMSOL Multiphysics hosted a workshop on "simulating multiphase flow and geochemical processes" in Houton. The workshop took place at the University of Phoenix, Houston, on February 10th, 2015.

3rd iCP iMaGe Workshop

Attendants included scientists and engineers from major oil & gas companies and oil & gas related consultancy firms, universities and researchers.



12:30 pm

Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics and Hands-on Demo

  • Discover the capabilities and features of COMSOL Multiphysics and get a quick overview of the add-on products
  • Learn the natural workflow of the COMSOL Desktop user interface through which all physical phenomena are set up
  • See how to efficiently create and modify your models, and optimize your designs, step-by-step
  • Experience the speed and ease of modeling in the COMSOL environment, shown through a hands-on multiphysics simulation example
  • Learn to convert an existing COMSOL model into an App using the COMSOL Application Builder

14:00 – 14:15

Coffee Break


Multiphase Flow Simulations


Find out about COMSOL’s capabilities for simulating multiphase flow in porous media. Hands-on exercise will be provided for:

  • Simulating groundwater and oil flow in porous media
  • Implementing multiphase formulations in COMSOL
  • Compare numerical results with analytical solutions


Coupled Flow and Reaction Simulations


Learn about COMSOL’s capabilities to solve coupled flow and geochemical processes. You will see:

  • The basics of reactive solute transport phenomena
  • iCP: the interface between COMSOL and PHREEQC (USGS geochemical simulator)

Real examples of complex reservoir scale simulations using COMSOL and iCP

3rd iCP iMaGe Wrokshop attendants


If you are one of the participants, we would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes answering the workshop evaluation form. This will help us to improve future courses.



Jorge Molinero

Jorge Molinero
Jorge Molinero is the Scientific and Technical Director of AMPHOS 21. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering (University of A Coruña, Spain), and has 20 years of experience working with reactive transport simulations. Before joining AMPHOS 21 he was Assistant and Associate Professor at the Universities of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and UPC-Barcelona Tech.

Babak Shafei

Babak Shafei
Babak Shafei was a project director and senior consultant at Amphos 21 Consulting. He received his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology. His fields of expertise include developing reactive transport models in different scales, geochemistry and Multiphysics.

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