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Orlando Silva 29/04/16

Injection conditions of CO2 at the wellhead may play a major role on the flow behavior through the wellbore. The density and the injection rate reached at the bottomhole are key factors affecting the performance and efficiency of CO2 geological storage. In this post, Orlando Silva presents a model o... Read more...

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Marek Pękala 21/05/14


In this post, Marek Pękala describes a recent application of Comsol at Amphos 21 to study the saturation with water of spent nuclear fuel. This work was financed by a 7FP project of the European Commission to study fast/instant release of safety relevant radionuclides from spent nuclear fuel. Com... Read more...

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Andrés Idiart 14/03/14


This post is about a recent application case of Comsol in the field of thermo-hydro-geochemical behavior of clayey materials that are planned to be used as engineering barriers for the deep geological repository of spent nuclear fuel in Sweden. Model calculations are compared with results of a fu... Read more...

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