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Hedieh Ebrahimi 24/05/17

The safety of Deep Geological Repositories (DGR) for spent nuclear fuel is a highly important issue, and should be assessed using the Best Available Technology (BAT). With this motivation in mind, Amphos 21 has recently developed a numerical tool, denoted as iDP (interface between DarcyTools and PFL... Read more...

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Álvaro Sáinz 14/10/14

 In this post, Álvaro Sáinz, Marie Curie PhD student at Amphos 21, blogs about a COMSOL interface he has built to simulate conservative transport in porous media.

The interface was tailored to fulfill the needs of iCP, and it is now included as one of the capabilities in iCP v1.0.


An i...

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Jorge Molinero 03/04/14


Dating groundwater is something that hydrogeologists like to do for different practical purposes. Conceptual modeling of aquifers, evaluating the sustainability of groundwater exploitation in arid and semi-arid areas, sitting a deep geological repository for radioactive waste are obvious examples... Read more...

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Paolo Trinchero 27/03/14


Distribution coefficients, also known as Kd values, are lumped parameters that contain information about the radionuclude-soil/rock interaction processes. These values are of paramount importance in performance assessment studies of nuclear waste repositories as they are used to predict the fate ... Read more...


Andrés Idiart 14/03/14


This post is about a recent application case of Comsol in the field of thermo-hydro-geochemical behavior of clayey materials that are planned to be used as engineering barriers for the deep geological repository of spent nuclear fuel in Sweden. Model calculations are compared with results of a fu... Read more...

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