Category: Multiphase flow

Orlando Silva 29/04/16

Injection conditions of CO2 at the wellhead may play a major role on the flow behavior through the wellbore. The density and the injection rate reached at the bottomhole are key factors affecting the performance and efficiency of CO2 geological storage. In this post, Orlando Silva presents a model o... Read more...

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Emilie Coene 09/02/16

Today Emilie Coene, consultant at Amphos 21, writes about the Comsol model and app she has developed  in collaboration with Dr. Orlando Silva, project director at Amphos 21, to simulate the operation of hydrophobic and oleophilic meshes. These meshes are a new and promising technique to remove oil s... Read more...

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Elena Abarca 18/03/14


In this post, we blog about the capture and storage of CO2 in deep geological formations,  one of the proposed solutions to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. CO2 is injected as a supercritical fluid deep below a confining geological formation that prevents its return to the atmosphere. Mult... Read more...

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