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Diego Sampietro 31/10/18


A correct design and control of the irrigation cycles is very important for the correct and efficient grow of crops. It is well known that a correct design of irrigation cycles increases its efficiency and reduces the amount of water required. An important objective in the agricultural industry i... Read more...

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Marcelo Laviña, Andrés Idiart 13/04/18

Damage mechanics has often been used to study the mechanical behaviour of concrete structures. Damage models can be used to simulate the quasi-brittle behaviour of cementitious materials, since they are capable of representing cracking under various loading conditions. In this post, we present the i... Read more...

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Hedieh Ebrahimi 24/05/17

The safety of Deep Geological Repositories (DGR) for spent nuclear fuel is a highly important issue, and should be assessed using the Best Available Technology (BAT). With this motivation in mind, Amphos 21 has recently developed a numerical tool, denoted as iDP (interface between DarcyTools and PFL... Read more...

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Orlando Silva 29/04/16

Injection conditions of CO2 at the wellhead may play a major role on the flow behavior through the wellbore. The density and the injection rate reached at the bottomhole are key factors affecting the performance and efficiency of CO2 geological storage. In this post, Orlando Silva presents a model o... Read more...

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Babak Shafei 18/04/16

In this post, Reza Gooya (University of Copenhagen), Babak Shafei and Fidel Grandia, blog about a recently-developed coupled pore-scale lattice Boltzmann method with PhreeqcRM (LAMP).

The Challenge

Physical transport in a heterogeneous porous media and non-uniform distributions of chemical and bio... Read more...

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