iMaGe platform

iMaGe stands for interfacing Multiphysics and Geochemistry and aims to launching a platform to foster the development of software solutions for communicating geosciences modelling codes. iMaGe is leaded by the scientific and strategic consultancy company Amphos21 iMaGe projects are shared by different partners under consortium agreements. You are welcome to contact us here for questions or proposals.

Any individual iMaGe project ends with the development of one or more specific software that makes the interfacing possible.


iMaGe modelling approach

The idea behind iMaGe is combining and optimizing the capabilities of different specific codes that are readily available. Normally these codes have been developed over years and are largely tested and verified.

The primary iMaGe goal is to achieve the best performance for modelling complex coupled phenomena in the subsurface environment, while avoiding code writing from scratch. We always look for a compromise between innovation and avoiding reinventing the wheel.


iMaGe partners

These are the different partners support one or more iMaGe projects:



  • Scott Painter; LANL; USA

  • Urban Svensson; CFE AB; Sweden

  • Peter Lichtner; OFM Research; USA

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